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Lead UX Professional

An expert designer focused on using user-centered design methods to solve problems. Developing and maintaining design systems that establish consistent patterns of success within an organization.


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what i do

UX Design

I am an UX professional with an infinite amount of solution power. Solving various problems with the simpliest methosds.


Developing a simple wireframe or a highly complex, I have the experience.


I have experience in freehand sketches, Sketch, Adobe XD, UXPin, Axure, Balsamic, a few online solutions that allow simple and complex prototyping.

journey map

Maps help you determine your direction, where you start and your end goal. Journey maps help explain all the necessasry steps a user will encounter along the application highway.

User Testing

Testing is a phase I’ve grown to love. Developing and designing in iterations helps bring those key user glitches to the forefront to solidfy overal application functionality and design.

design studio

I’ve participated and lead many design sessions to bring out the best possible solution. It can be fun, but very difficult with participants from the business, designers, developers and potential users get to give their input. 

UI Development

I started with basic HTML and CSS almost 20 years ago. Now I develop reusable components and logical functions using JavaScript, PHP and various other templating syntax for .NET and Angular applications.


HTML 5 and CSS3 provide some of the cleanest browser interactions.


Besides performing some of the simple functions, I also have experience with Angular, React and NodeJS.

PHP + MySql

PHP is where I started my career, building and developing custom components for CMS and e-commerce platforms. As I learned more I found various way PHP could be used. I have experience with WordPress, Magento, Joomla and LMS apps like Moodle. Laravel is a framework I currently learning.

ADA/508 Compliance

Browser accessibility is important. Structuring web pages using proper syntax makes screenreading much easier.

Web services

Various web services Sendgrid, Hubspot, Paypal, Velocity, Salesforce, WordPress, Square, D3,

the perfect process

vision. focus.

Understanding the vision and setting the team focus.


Analyze the components, stand up the data and develop the architecture for success.


Wireframe, Prototype and map out the flow. Every app flows differently per user. Simplify it.


Put it to the test. Take the prototype and give your users a taste. 


Share with the world. Deployments happen as often as they need to, but with the perfect process you should be clear of the bugs and just release. 

Featured Work

Website reDesign

Visit Wichita

Tourism site for Wichita, KS. Through an iterative design process there’s a lot of touch points and did a major redesign. Mobile and Desktop solutions provided.

website redesign

Wayside Waifs

Wayside Waifs is Kansas City’s premiere pet adoption agency. Complete redesign with usability testing and design studio sessions. 

Website reDesign

Golf Industry Show

The Golf Industry Show holds an annual event in various locations. There was a redesign project that I led UX through the design process, and developed a solution for desktop and mobile. 

About Me

Hello! My name is Maurice. 

I have a passion for solving problems and for the last 13 years I have been dedicated to doing just that. I have the vision of a leader, and the work ethic of 1,000 ui engineers. I’ve been apart of small start-ups and large corporations, and feel there is no task I cannot handle. 

  • UI Development
  • UX Design
  • Leader

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects


  • Lowe’s 2020 (current)
  • Ascend Learning 2019
  • JNA Advertising 2017
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City 2014
  • Grantham University 2012
  • Show Me Creations 2008


  • Lincoln University of Missouri
  • Baker University (in progress)

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